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El Caño Resort Proposal

Ponce PR


Our concept for El Caño Resort proposes a structure that brings together all of the main amenities and programs on an elevated terrace space that sits on top of the covered parking level. The gained height of this terrace level, where the hotel lobby, sitting areas, patios, restaurants and swimming pool gather, looks over the surrounding mangroves towards the Caribbean Sea and the Guayanilla Bay. Rooms are organized in an "L" shaped structure that rises to embrace the terrace and protect it from the noise coming from the road on the north side of the property. The form of the structure tries to be whimsical and tectonic at the same time, as a means to project a particular identity adequate for the program.


Program: Resort hotel

Area: 75,000 sf

Client: Private

Status: In process

Project Architect: Luis Ayala Rubio AIA

Assistants: Jesús Alfonso Pagán AIT, Gabriela Quiles González AIT


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