ayala rubio arquitectura

Casa del Arco

Ponce PR


As most of our projects, this one takes advantage of existing site conditions to propose an architectural solution that is intricately connected to its location. In this case, conditions such as terrain slope and a forced south-east orientation with views to the Caribbean Sea suggest a compact, three-level scheme that begins as a simple shoe-box and ends up as a more complex carved volume. A straight-forward programmatic organization locates public spaces in the middle level, which is more accessible from the street, private room areas in the top level, and garage and storage areas in the lower level. The structural scheme completes the formal composition through the use of a concrete arched screen that supports the third level, providing deep canopies for the public level below and exterior spaces at ground level. The screen acts as a facade element that can be seen from the exterior and the interior, it's main beam a literal arch that can be understood as the opening of a cave or a grand gesture reminiscent of other architectural styles.


Program: Private residence remodel

Project area: 5,000 sf

Client: Private

Status: Construction

Project Architect: Luis Ayala Rubio AIA

Assistants: Catherine Graubard Quiñones, Samuel Nigaglioni Arroyo, Phillip Velez Colón, Aida De Jesús Rosario, Gabriel Santiago Tomei

Structural Consultant: David Smith Lao P. E.

Electrical Consultant: Hugo Ortiz Pagán P. E.


Contractor: Serrallés Construction Corp.


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