ayala rubio arquitectura

Ayala Rubio Arquitectura is dedicated to the creation of distinctive buildings, interiors and exterior spaces, providing complete services for architectural projects of all scales. The studio is directed by Luis Ayala Rubio AIA, counting on the experience gathered through more than twenty years of work in residential, commercial and institutional projects.

Projects such as Casa del Arco, Casa Abierta, and the El Caño Resort Proposal, are examples of our interest in practicality, materiality, experience and form. Recent work also includes projects developed through the firm 3av Arquitectura, co-founded in 2011 by Ayala Rubio: the new School of Music at the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico; the Posada Peñuelas hotel, a project generated as a collaboration between the Peñuelas Municipality and the School of Architecture at the PUCPR; and the Mons. Vicente Murga Theater, also at the PUCPR.

The quality of our work is constantly recognized by clients, consultants, contractors, suppliers and other parties involved with our projects. Each project starts with the analysis that corresponds to its particular condition, and our efforts are appropriately focused on the search for smart solutions that will generate attractive, practical buildings. Our work aims to be specific to place, climate, purpose and other conditions that might not be necessarily apparent. We want our buildings to be catalysts for positive change affecting the place where they are located and the people that live them.


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