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Teatro Mons. Vicente Murga

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Puerto Rico

Ponce PR


The comprehensive remodel and expansion of the Mons. Vicente Murga Theater was intended to increase the seating capacity through lateral expansion and the addition of a mezzanine level; to integrate support spaces such as dressing rooms, box office, expanded restrooms, storage and backstage; expand the scenario; improve mechanical, electrical and audio-visual systems; and provide complementary interior spaces such as lobbies and exhibition areas. The project's location within the campus was identified as a crossroads between a main pedestrian entrance, the Law School courtyard and other buildings, and this condition was reflected through the inclusion of entrances facing each main direction. The project provided a new contemporary character to the building, and by extension, to the campus.


Program: University theater/auditorium with exposition areas

Area: 13,000 sf

Client: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Puerto Rico

Status: Completed

Firm: Visura P.S.C.

Project Architect: Luis Ayala Rubio AIA

Design Team: Luis Ayala Rubio AIA, Jesús O. García Beauchamp AIT, Carlos G. Quiñones Maymí AIT

Geotechnical Consultant: Víctor E. Rivera Associates

Structural Consultant: Carlos J. Quiñones P. E.

Mechanical Consultant: Pastor Carmona P. E.

Electrical Consultant: Félix Feliciano Hernández P. E.

Acoustical Consultant: Dr. Jorge Rocafort P. E.

Preliminary Model: Omar Aponte, Jan Bigas, Luis Padilla, José Quintana

Final Model: José Campos - Chemaqueta

Assistants: Carlos Mercado Galindo

Contractor: J. M. Caribbean Builders

Supervision: Jesús O. García Beauchamp AIT, Carlos G. Quiñones Maymí AIT



Premios Cemex Puerto Rico 2015, 2do Lugar Proyecto Industrial o Institucional


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